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This Fujifilm Finepix f450 battery charger recharger the Fujifilm Finepix f450 battery.

It was 100% compatible to the original Fujifilm Finepix f450 camcorder/camera batteries and designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and performance.

Cheap Brand New Fujifilm Finepix f450 Battery Charger For Fujifilm Finepix f450 Rechargeable Battery

  • Condition:
  • • High quality cells - Brand New
  • Delivery Options:
  • • Usually Ships in 1 to 5 business days.
  • See detailed shipping rates
  • Fujifilm finepix f450 charger have a good compatibility with FINEPIX F450 digital battery
  • Type: Lion battery charger
  • Input Voltage: AC 100V-240V, 300mA, 50/60Hz.
  • Output Voltage: DC4.2V/8.4V, 500mAh/850mAh.
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  • Fujifilm finepix f450 battery charger especially for fujifilm finepix f450 digital battery pack
  • Reliable power means dependable performance
  • Average Run Time:2-4 hours(minimum)
  • Recharge Time : 3 hour(s)
  • Brand new in box, never used, premium quality.
  • 100% compatible with OEM fujifilm finepix f450 battery
  • Manufactured By High-Capacity electronic components
  • Full 1 year warranty.30 day money back guarantee!
  • Order your finepix f450 finepix f450 charger before 2:30PM we will usually ship the same day.


  • Model No.:
  • Fujifilm Finepix f450
  • Output Volts:
  • AC 100V-240V, 300mA, 50/60Hz.
  • In Volts :
  • DC4.2V/8.4V, 500mAh/850mAh
  • SaleCode:
  • EGFU002UO1

Battery Charger Knowledge

    Intelligent Fujifilm Finepix f450 Battery Charger

    Output current depends upon the battery's state. An intelligent fujifilm finepix f450 charger may monitor the battery's voltage, temperature and/or time under charge to determine the optimum charge current at that instant. Charging is terminated when a combination of the voltage, temperature and/or time indicates that the battery is fully charged.

    Fujifilm finepix f450 battery charger for Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries, the voltage across the battery increases slowly during the charging process, until the battery is fully charged. After that, the voltage decreases, which indicates to an intelligent charger that the battery is fully charged. Such chargers are often labeled as a ΔV, or "delta-V," charger, indicating that they monitor the voltage change.

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